Make it Monday [Flower Crown]

Good Monday morning!

Every Monday I will showcase something I’ve made based off of the Friday Palette. I hope you all will join in and tag Khaki and Chrome so I can see all of the awesome things you’ve made!

I decided to crochet a flower crown for my daughter. I made five flowers, putting the largest one in the middle and then modifying the pattern to make the obnoxiously pink flowers smaller and then modifying the pattern again for the yellow flowers. Then, I chained about 75 times with a bulky yarn and tied off the ends to make the band for the crown.  I started in the middle of the band and used the two ends from the blue flower to tie onto the band and then did the same thing for the other four flowers. It was a pretty quick project and I love how it turned out!

Let me know if you have any questions about the project, I’ll be happy to answer them!

Crochet-Flower-Crown-Khaki-and-Chrome Crochet-Flower-Crown-Khaki-and-Chrome Crochet-Flower-Crown-Khaki-and-ChromePhotography by Brass Bird Photography



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