Day 8 [Social Media Dos and Don’ts]


Graphic by Graphics Fuel

  • Post on a regular basis to keep in forefront of customer’s minds.
  • Don’t spam people’s feeds. I tend to unfollow people who post 10 product photos at once.
  • Use Facebook, Blog, Hootsuite, etc. to schedule your posts so you can work ahead and not have to worry about posting on time.
  • Post when your customers are most active. Facebook has a great analytic tool to figure out when this is.
  • Be friendly with other business and be genuine. We all know how hard running a small business can be, so why not support each other?
  • Use a posting schedule to stay on track of when/where/what you’re posting and have it all in one place.
  • Be consistent in what content you post. This will vary depending on your brand, but it will make customers trust you, which will turn into sales.
  • Don’t push product all the time. Let your customers get to know you and your personality. They’ll start to feel connected to you and that will turn them into loyal brand enthusiasts.

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