Day 13 [Cutting Shipping Costs]

bubble-mailer-khaki-and-chromeImage Via Paper Mart

I’m pretty sure my local USPS guys hated to see me walk through the door when I first opened my shop. I was absolutely clueless. I wanted to share some ways to cut your shipping costs and save you time and glares from postmen.


Buy your shipping goods (mailers, boxes, etc. in bulk). Uline, Packaging Price, E Supply Store and Paper Mart are great places to start.


Buy a shipping scale to help calculate your packages’ weight and shipping cost.


Print shipping labels directly from Etsy. Here is a great label printer.


Compare shipping costs from USPS, UPS and FedEx to find the cheapest route. Also, find out if any carrier will pick up your packages from your house or if there is a quick-drop nearby. Time is money and standing in line at the post office stinks.


Absorb some of the shipping cost into the price of your product. Customers are more willing to spend a little extra on a product. but they are turned off at high shipping costs. Example:

You charge $25 for item “A” and shipping is $6.50. Change the price of your item to $30 and charge $1.50 for shipping. Or, if your prices and business model support it, offer free shipping to entice customers to buy your product over someone else.


Here are some more in-depth resources on shipping:





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