Day 14 [Prioritizing Time for Family]

my-tribe-khaki-and-chrome-brass-bird-photographyThis is my tribe.

Photography by Brass Bird Photography

This is an important topic to me and one that I am always working on/feeling guilty about.

I have a lot of irons in the fire and it always breaks my heart when my daughter asks if I will come play with her. I feel like I give my girls a lof of attention, but it still hurts when she asks. And sometimes I really am sucking at being a mom.

So, since I schedule everything else, I thought, “Why not schedule family and play time?” It makes me be more intentional and focused on the present. Also, I’m making a conscious effort to put down the phone. I don’t want my daughters to feel they are competing with a device. Crap can wait. Family can’t.

Part of the reason I’m doing this 31 days series, is to help myself and others front load the work of getting your shop in order so you can really spend time with your loved ones during the holidays.


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