Day 19 [Boutique Experience – Over Deliver]

Customers love to feel special, surprised and fancy. The best way to make them feel this way is to give them an exclusive, boutique experience and over deliver. There are a multitude of ways to do this, but here are my top 5. Keep in mind that what you choose to do to over deliver should be done with purpose, adhere to your brand and not make your cost-of-goods atronomical.


Packaging by Thurston Post


Packaging with your consistent brand look is crucial. No one likes opening up a package in the mail and the item is just thrown into the box. We as customers love packaging that makes us feel special and makes us feel like the investment in the product was worth it. Think Tiffany’s, Kate Spade, Apple, etc.) Here are some great packaging resources.


Gumball Bag by BellaCreationz4u


Everyone likes surprises. It’s one of the reasons I love my Birchbox so much. Give your customers a surprise along with their purchase. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just a proverbial cherry on top.


Social Media Cards by Laura Drayton


You want repeat customers and for your customers to spread word-of-mouth praises about your shop. A good way to do this is to have cards printed with coupons for their next purchase. Another way is to give them information with your social media links on it. You can say something like “We would love to see how you styled our product! Post a photo of you wearing your product and tag #khakiandchromestyle for a chance to be featured! Just think of a great incentive to keep them coming back.


Thank You Card by Printerette Press


You customer didn’t have to choose you or buy your product, but they did. So thank them. With technology so prevalent in our lives, there are few instances where you receive a hand-written letter or note. Your customer will love that you took the time to do so.


Hey Girl, Hey Card by Bee is for Bear


I feel special when I buy from a seller and I know they are super busy, but they still message me right away and keep me updated on my order. No one likes to be ignored and when you are excited about a product it’s frustrating to wait 3 days until the vendor responds to you. Also, as you’re communicating with buyers, use an authentic voice and be you. Remind them that they are buying a handmade, unique item that they can’t go pick up from Target.


What do you do to over-deliver to your customers??


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