Monthly Knitting Challenge

I feel like I am a somewhat accomplished knitter and know my way around a project. However, I would like to push my limits this year, learn new techniques or complete a project that I’ve never done before. So, I have created a monthly knitting challenge. Each month will be a different project or technique to tackle. I will be posting what Ravelry pattern I decide to do for that project along with my yarn choice, so if anyone wants to knit along with me they can or they can pick their own project. Link to Khaki & Chrome so I can see what you chose!

Here is an overview of the year:



For January, the category is “toy”. This can be any cat toy, kid’s doll, plush, etc. I chose the pattern “Elefante” by Susan B. Anderson and I’ll be knitting with Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn”.

elefante-susan-b-anderson-knitting-challenge-khaki-and-chromeby Susan B. Anderson


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