Make it Monday [02.16.15]

Every Monday I will showcase something I’ve made based off of the Friday Palette. I hope you all will join in and tag Khaki & Chrome so I can see all of the awesome things you’ve made!

This week I made a hat for my girls for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t check the guage on the pattern I had originally wanted to make for them, so it turned out small and it will become baby #3’s hat. I’ll post that hat tomorrow. I couldn’t find another hat that I liked, so I created my own pattern. It’s a slouchy hat with “X’s” and “O’s” cables. I love how it turned out and I’m curious to see it knit in a solid color.

This fabulous yarn is from The Lemonade Shop. My oldest likes to look at yarn with me on Instagram (and loves to know what the name of each colorway is) and she fell in love with this colorway, so I surprised her with it.

P.S. In one of these photos you can see a sneak peek of a new item heading to the shop soon!

make-it-monday-khaki-and-chrome-lemonade-shop make-it-monday-khaki-and-chrome-lemonade-shop make-it-monday-khaki-and-chrome-lemonade-shop


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