Day 10 [Review Shop Content]

As our businesses grow and evolve, we discover more of what we do or don’t want to do or what we should add or change. However, we sometimes forget to update our information and tell our customers. Here are some things to look at and review that will hopefully save a lot of headaches in the long run and make for better customer service:



Review (or write if you haven’t done so) what policies you may have like shopping, returns, copyright, use of content, revisions, etc. This will help you not have to answer 10,000 messages over the same thing.



etsy-about-me-shop-story-khaki-and-chromeEveryone likes to know who they are buying from and it helps create trust. It gives insight to you and your shop and helps create a relationship with the customer.


[3] SHOP ANNOUNCEMENTetsy-front-page-khaki-and-chrome

Make sure your front page is always updated to keep your customers in the loop. Let them know when the shop will be open/closed, if you’re having a sale, and most importantly, when your Christmas delivery deadline is!


Day 9 [Freebie: Posting Schedule]

I am the queen of post-it notes. They are scattered all over my desk and in my purse. I will write down a great blog or social media idea and then not remember where I put it. It’s ridiculous. So, I created a posting schedule to hang on the wall of my office to help keep track of what I’m posting and when. Hopefully it will keep myself a tad more organzied. I decided to share it with y’all in hopes it will help you and your business. Enjoy!




Day 6 [Apps for Productivity]

Phone apps are a lifesaver for me and help keep my right brain on track. Here are some of my favorites:

[1] EVERNOTE: Perfect for making lists and creating blog drafts on the go.


[2] ETSY SELLER APP: Lets you access your Etsy shop without having to go through the main website.


[3] SHOEBOXED: Screen shot your receipts and keep track of your mileage digitally so you don’t miss out on tax deductions or have piles of paper!


[4] 30/30: Breaking your day into specific tasks with specific time limits can make you much more productive. This little app helps you set up your day.


[5] CRAFT TASK MANAGER FOR ETSY SELLERS: This is the only app on my list that isn’t free, but it will help you keep track of the behind-the-scenes of your Etsy shop.


[6] USPS MOBILE (or FedEx Mobile or UPS): Keep track of your shipping and schedule pick-ups from your phone.


Day 4 [Quick Organizational Tips]


Here are a few things to do and plan for before busy season:

  • Have a packaging station
  • Keep all freebies from this month in an easy-to-find binder
  • Keep a calendar
  • De-clutter desk
  • Use your Goals & Planning freebie to be ahead and aware of promos and giveaways
  • Use your time with intention and have a scheduled time for social media, phone calls and emails
  • Create templates for answering emails and phone calls so you don’t have to re-think what you want to say
  • Order shipping supplies beforehand – standing in line at the post office is a time suck
  • Outsource anything you can