Wishlist Wednesday

These are some of the things I have been obsessing over this week:


Love Jules Leather

Screenshot 2014-07-30 21.01.42

The LJL duo can do no wrong. Every time they post one of their new creations, I may a thirteen-year-old-screaming-for-Beiber screech and show my husband. I will own a pair soon.


ONA Bags


I have a Canon camera backpack that my husband bought for me years ago. It holds a lot of nostalgic value and it’s practical. But it is by no means “cute”. I love Ona Bags because they’re not super girly and frilly and their bags are classic and can be used even as everyday bags.


One Forty Three


Chair and lamp with Pendleton fabric.

Chair and lamp with Pendleton fabric.

Logan at One Forty Three is a master of bending plywood and super creative. He creates modern home furnishings from guitar hooks to chairs to lighting. Everything is clean and timeless yet modern. Also, you should follow the One Forty Three on Instagram to see behind-the-scenes happenings like this keg he re-furbished:



So Effing Cute

I am a part of many fandoms, so obsessing over everything SEC makes is easy. However, I need them to make some Doctor Who stuff stat.



Wool & The Gang

I am a fan of black and white, typography and well-done packaging, so WATG automatically drew my attention. And the fact that I am a yarn whore. I ordered the Jersey Be Good t-shirt yarn in this “Slimer Green” and black and white stripe to make some rad pillows for my living room. wool-and-the-gang-wishlist-wednesday-khaki-and-chrome